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Slide, negative and photograph scanning:

telstramoon.jpg (76061 bytes)I use professional quality scanners including the Nikon Super Coolscan 4000ED film scanner for superb scanned images from 35mm slides/transparencies or negatives.  Maximum image size of around 55Mb for 35mm.

For photographs, medium and large format slides and negatives I use an Epson V700 Photo Scanner.  This 6400 dpi scanner produces excellent shadow detail and colour reproduction.   Scan resolution up to around 400Mb for larger format film and photographs (call me for a price). 

The end result is high quality images ready for printing, publishing or just viewing as a slideshow on your TV or computer.  See Prices.

I perform basic color and tonal corrections on all scanned images (see below).  If you prefer a raw scan with no alterations, please specify.   

grampiansNoadj.jpg (31716 bytes) Basic          grampiansAdj.jpg (58935 bytes)Adjusted 


The table and explanations below may help in deciding the resolution required for your scans.  Please E-mail with any questions.

Scanning Resolution

image size

intended use:

scan price (A$)

(up to) 6 Mb

monitor/internet/e-mails/web pages/standard prints $1.45
20 Mb large prints $2.35
 50 Mb large prints/posters $3.40

Quantity Discounts apply to large scan orders.

What image size should I choose?

If you intend to have prints up to size 20cm x 30 cm made from your scans I would recommend your images be scanned at a file size of at least 13mb.  This allows for minor cropping or enlarging you may wish to do prior to printing.  It is possible to digitally enlarge (interpolate) smaller files, but the final print quality will suffer to varying degrees. 

If you would like the best of both worlds with a large 'archival' file plus a smaller digital copy for digital viewing/uploading/emailing etc., I would suggest the following:

Image Doubles

All image doubles are scanned to a file size of less than at 200Kb which is ideal for computer slide shows,  web sites, Facebook, and emails, BUT, these low resolution images are not intended for prints.  If required I can scan your images at high resolution (for photo quality prints and archival purposes), but also add a 96 dpi ' jpeg' copy of the same image to your disk or USB flash drive.  This will cost an additional $0.25 per image

Your final print size can be easily adjusted using readily available photo software, or your standard printer software.  

I can be contacted by:

bullet E-mail -
bullet Telephone - (08)83961425 or 0412060385.
bullet Post - Image Revival, PO Box 38, Dernancourt, South Australia, 5075.  

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